Peter Pettegrew Exhibits 2012

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Nuance Galleries, the new home to Peter Pettegrew, of St. Petersburg and Tampa brings in a successful show opening in April/May that is also apart of the Pettegrew One Man Traveling Exhibition in Florida 2012. Pettegrew’s traveling exhibition started in Jacksonville at Stellers Gallery, at Ponte Vedra Beach at the Ponte Vedra Golf & Country Club in December/January of 2011/2012. The show brought in the New Year with a lush winter display of paintings by the artist. The one-man exhibition moves on to the Fredlund Gallery in Winter Park Florida in July 2012 then to Gainesville at the Thornebrook Gallery,_FL___Thornebrook_Gallery___The_Art_of_Life.html for a return to Pettegrew’s favorite gallery space of over 25 years. The tour is scheduled to continue throughout the year and a possible joint exhibition back at Nuance for the Artists of the Oriente East Cuba Cultural Exchange Exhibition.

Seven North Presents: An Original Caleb Print

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The recent print, “Maximo Palms”, from Caleb, St. Petersburg’s nationally recognized artist, is kindred in attitude to his earlier works. The Tampa artist’s creative expression offers contemplation of the Southeast’s littoral horizon and a window into an island escape. The print is a simplistic, summery glimpse of a life at ease in a lush and tropical Eden.

Caleb, a Kentucky native, made his way to the sizzling streets of St. Petersburg after a two-year recess in Portland, Oregon. Caleb has since completed many commissions in Tampa, and St. Petersburg. He has also been in an assortment of exhibitions, galleries, and collections (private and corporate). One in particular is the municipal exhibit at the new City Hall in St. Petersburg and the Princess Martha Hotel, also in St. Petersburg.

Available print sizes are 30 x 20 inches at $300 on paper / $375 on canvas and 40 x 27 inches at $450 on paper / $550 on canvas.  Edition size is 95 plus proofs. Custom sizes are available for special orders, which are part of the edition of 95. The proofs include 12 Roman numeral prints up to 60 x 80 inches that are hand painted.


Seven North Group is the exclusive agent and publisher for artist Caleb.



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Now available from the Seven North Group, “Into the
Distance” is a fresh print from Florida’s renowned landscape painter Peter
Pettegrew. The print is an exquisite example of the incandescent effect a
sunset has on even the most distracted bystander. His connection with lucent adaptations
of the torrid Florida landscape is result of his frequent immersions into the
immaculate climate. Often known as the master of the sublime, Pettegrew is
continually inspired by the southeastern wetlands and coastal areas of
equatorial Florida. Although Florida scenery remains an enriching focus,
Pettegrew has traveled extensively over his 30-year career. From California,
Montana, and the Virgin Islands to France and the West Indies Pettegrew has a
taste for cultivated environments. As a painter in oil and watercolors,
Pettegrew includes Pastel drawings, Charcoal, and Printmaking into his

Print sizes are available for 36 x 48 and 30×40 Canvas and Paper / Total Edition size 95 plus proofs.

Included in proofs are 12 roman numerals printed up to 60 X 80 that are hand painted by the artist.


Pettegrew Premieres Film With Interior Motives Gallery Show In St Petersburg, FL

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For Immediate Release:

Florida Artist Pettegrew Premieres Film With Gallery Show In St Petersburg

St Petersburg Fl — Feb 18 2010

Peter Pettegrew, regional power-house landscape painter makes a rare appearance in the Tampa Bay area at Interior Motives Gallery on Central Ave in St Petersburg.

The gallery will be premiering Peter’s latest documentary film “Heart of a Landscape Painter”, produced by Florida production company Wind Dog Films.

The film premiere will be held at Interior Motives Gallery in St Petersburg Thursday February 25th. There will be two screenings, with  Pettegrew on hand for both, one at 6:30pm and the other at 7:30pm.(32 mins.) The artist reception and opening Friday, February 26th 6:30pm to 9:30pm. One man show continues through March 22nd.

Given Peter’s 6 previous museum shows and 30 year painting career, it is natural that St Petersburg Gallery owner Leslie Curran wants to bring this masterful painter’s work to her gallery.

Peter Pettegrew has devoted his life to capturing the timeless beauty of the natural landscape. His plein air work with charcoal and paint has become a legendary example of many studies and painting groups.The landscape has always been the beloved subject for Pettegrew’s passionate creations. A naturalist and outdoors man he explores wilderness areas in Florida and many of his painting are from National and State Preserves.  He draws his inspiration from his diverse travels. In the last few years he has been to France, the Caribbean, Montana and California to capture his subjects. Most often he is painting in the Southeastern United States.

Peter Pettegrew lived in Tampa Bay area in the 80′s. His home and studio are now in the Orlando area.

Peter’s collectors include local personalities including Kelly Craig and Bob Hite (newscasters) and many national personalities, including John Travolta (actor) and  Dan Quayle (Vice President) . His municipal collections & fund raising events include the City of St.Petersburg, City of Tampa, City of Orlando, City of Charleston, Naples Winter Wine Festival, National Parks Foundation, Conservancy of Southwest FL, Sierra Club, Beaufort Open Land Trust, Habitat for Humanity, and memberships that include the American Society of Classical Realists, National Watercolor Society (N.W.S.) and the Oil Painters of America (O.P.A.)

Leslie Curran has been a part of the home design business for over 20 years. Her gallery, Interior Motives, is celebrating its fifth year at 1110 Central Ave, downtown St Pete. She is a St. Petersburg native and is currently a St. Petersburg council person.

Interior Motives Gallery 1110 Central Ave St Petersburg Fl

727 898-6061


Peter at Casa Feliz Historic Home and Museum

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During his one-man showing at the Casa Feliz Historic Home and Museum in Winter Park, Florida,
Peter took time to give local school children lectures and demonstrations on how he creates his artwork. The showing took place during the month of October in 2009.
Peter and fellow artist and long time friend David Berger take a moment during thier two-man showing at Avalon Island Galley in downtown Orlando earlier in the year.
Getting close to nature, Peter handles a white alligator while working on some decorations for the new white alligator exhibit at Gatorlando, Orlando which opened in early 2009.
Peter creates a plein air painting along the St. Johns river which would then be auctioned to raise funds for the distinctive Riverkeeper organization , which monitors water quality and potential abuses of the St. Johns river as it flows North toward Jacksonville and into the Atlantic. The painting sold at their annual Oyster Roast Gala where Peter met up with fellow artist Henry Von Genk, who also donated a painting for the event.

Peter Petegrew At Galeria del Mar, St Augustine

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Florida Impressionist landscape painter Peter Pettegrew and friends at his two man show at Galeria del Mar in St Augustine Florida.

Matt Cutter and Peter Pettegrew

Matt Cutter and Peter Pettegrew

Frank Smith and Peter Pettegrew

Frank Smith and Peter Pettegrew

Above, Peter with Windham Hill guitarist and personal friend Frank Smith, who came all the way up from Naples, Florida to perform during Peter’s show.

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Peter Pettegrew & Matthew Cutter: Two Man Show

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Peter Pettegrew & Matthew Cutter, Two Man Show July 31st – August 1st At Galeria del Mar at 9 King St. in downtown St. Augustine, Florida. Featuring Fine Wines and Tapas dishes, and a live joint painting demonstration.
Spend a weekend with these two artists whose work remains in great demand. This is a true reward for past and future collectors. Cutter’s and Pettegrew’s paintings are instantly recognizable and they have a following that is as vast as the panoramic vistas they so skillfully capture. This event will give further proof to the power of these artists to show you what they see and how these incredible visions make them feel…

About Matthew J Cutter (1974 -)
Raised in rural New Hampshire, Matthew J Cutter was introduced to art by his parents at an early age. With their encouragement he spent much of his free time drawing to his heart’s desire. Around the age of ten, Matthew’s grandmother, Helen Cutter, expanded his artistic endeavors by teaching him the basics of painting. They spent many hours together nurturing Matthew’s talent, which would prove crucial to his later development as an artist.

In his teen years Cutter left the art world behind to pursue other interests, but that early attraction resurfaced in his mid-twenties when he participated in a painting workshop with listed American artist, Morgan Samuel Price. From there his interest grew deeper and he looked to the works of the Old Masters, such as John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla, and the California Impressionists to further his knowledge of painting. Present day painters such as Richard Schmid, Scott Christensen, Matt Smith, and Daniel Gerhartz have also influenced Cutter.

Matthew’s emergence to the art world has been a slow process culminating in his first one-man-show in February 2006. The show was a great success with 30 originals selling on opening night. It is worth noting that while Cutter’s pursuit of art is not a full-time opportunity at this point in his life, it is a full-time passion. He has traveled to places such as Taos, NM, the Smoky Mountains and St. Kitts in search of subject matter and he currently resides in St. Augustine, FL.

About Peter Pettegrew
Peter Pettegrew has devoted his life to capturing the timeless beauty of the natural landscape on canvass. As a youth, his world was centered around Monterey Bay, California, and it was here that his compelling encounters with the ocean inspired sketches. As early as four years of age, his aunt, who was a painter, recognized his talent and insisted to his mother that he only be given blank paper; no coloring books. Childhood sketches symbolized the sights and sensations of ocean landscapes, and soon more serious efforts resulted as he turned to painting.

By ten years of age, the artist was already studying with one of the older marine painters in the Bay Area. His formal art education began when he applied and qualified for admission to Harbor Senior High in Santa Cruz, California, a prestigious and progressive school dedicated to advancing the development of artistic skills and creative freedom. After moving to Florida, Pettegrew went on to attend the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where he studied painting as well as graphic art techniques that he now employs in his work with hand-pulled serigraphs, stone lithographs, and originals. After his formal education, he furthered his schooling in individual mediums through private artist workshops, including oil painting, watercolor techniques and charcoal drawing.

Finding his inspiration through detailed research of the Master Impressionists and plein air painters of the 19th Century, this work revealed the undeniable course for his life, “to honor the face of nature by painting her portrait in so many ways and in so many places.” His captivating impressionistic style, using delicate tones, subtle luminous lighting, and savory blends of color, has resulted in distinctive paintings for his collectors. From childhood, the landscapes have always been the beloved subject for Pettegrew’s passionate creations.

A naturalist, and outdoorsman, he camps, hikes, and explores, to find his timeless compositions. It is this focus, this need to completely lose himself in the wilderness in order to paint, breathing in the air of dawn and dusk, that nurtures the inspiration he pours onto his canvases. He draws inspiration from his diverse travels. In the last few years he has been to France, the Bahamas, Montana, and California to capture his subject. Most often he is painting in the Southeastern United States. His home and studio are in Orlando, Florida, with another family residence on Marco Island, not far from the Big Cypress Swamp in the Everglades.

Mr. Pettegrew states, “Whether I’m painting in the Everglades or in the marshes of South Carolina, these Southern wetlands have a feel and presence like nowhere else I’ve been. This land is where the spirit within lies very close to the surface. Its beauty abounds and one does not have to struggle to locate its magnificent side.” Mr. Pettegrew always receives high praise from museum and gallery directors throughout the United States for his one-man and group exhibitions. Collectors anxiously await each new painting. The huge demand for Pettegrew’s work is gratifying for the artist, by providing him the means to give back to the natural world. He acts on his commitment to Promote, Preserve, and Protect the environment through his art. His gallery and museum events, and the ongoing sales of some of his work are venues to channel his support for environmental causes. “I think we all need a greater sensitivity of our natural surroundings and what I fully experience when on location is what I spiritually need to paint. My hope is that this emotion is fully communicated, not just in the traditional sense, but rather a message of the mystery and joy in how nature really feels. Through painting, I share my love of nature with others and hopefully help to preserve her beauty.”

For additional information, Contact: Galeria del Mar @ (904) 829-2120 • 9 King Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084 •

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Pettegrew at Albin Polasek Winter Park Fl PaintOut

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The Winter Park PaintOut, which was based at on the grounds of the beautiful and historic Albin Polasek Museum in Winter Park was a big success for everyone involved. Being the first annual event, it was easily determined by the founders of the paintout that it was the beginning of a new springtime tradition. Every participating artist – over twenty five in all – sold works at the event which help raise much needed funds for the museum. The idea for the paintout was hatched by Hal Stringer and Gary Hollingsworth both of which are heavily involved in the local art community in the Orlando area. This knowledge gave them a large group of gifted painters on which to call upon for the event. “The talent at this event was unparalleled” says Peter Pettegrew who sold three of the four works he created during the event. “Everywhere you looked there were incredible paintings in the works by the best painters of the area.” Several workshops were held during the event to help educate collectors on the different approaches on Plein Air Painting each artist employs, including area great Tom Sadlerwho gave an interesting demonstration on old masters techniques which drew both collectors and artists alike. The final night of the event was a beautiful evening. Inside the museum, all of the works were on display among a crowd of admirers. Outside among the sculpture gardens, delicious catering, being prepared (and donated) by some of the areas best restaurants was available for collectors to relax and decide which paintings might go home with them that night. Red dots (sold stickers) lined the walls beneath the paintings and everyone involved felt a sense of hope and accomplishment for the event and the support of those who still need art to bring beauty and joy into their lives.

Peter Pettegrew at The Polesak Paintout

Peter Pettegrew at The Polesak Paintout

Penultimate Picture of Peter Pettegrew at The Polesak Paintout

Penultimate Picture of Peter Pettegrew at The Polesak Paintout


Art Of Giving– St Petersburg

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St Petersburg Florida

Image by calebism via Flickr


Saturday, May 23rd
6:00 – 9:00 pm

After a full month of painting on locations throughout St. Petersburg, local artist
will exhibit their “Plein Air” paintings of the scenes of St. Petersburg
that we all have grown to know and love!

These paintings will be available for purchase, with 50% of the proceeds to benefit:

Please join us as we celebrate ART and GIVING!!!

The show will run thru June 20th

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