Cloudbreak Oil Landscape Painting by Peter Pettegrew

New Painting by Pettegrew. “Cloudbreak” 42″ by 72″

"Cloudbreak" Oil Painting by Peter Pettegrew
“Cloudbreak” Oil Painting by Peter Pettegrew featuring a landscape view of New Smyrna Beach at the north end of Canaveral National Seashore

“Cloudbreak” is a new piece just painted by Peter Pettegew.

“This was a knee deep tidal pool almost like a lagoon, between the beach and the sandbar in the midst of a clearing storm on New Smyrna Beach. It also happens to be right at the north end of the Canaveral National Seashore Park ( . If I’m gonna go around the Cocoa Beach area that’s where I’m gonna go. It’s a nice little spot for changing weather and the light variations come quick over the water, which makes it hard to capture on canvas. It’s really a seascape and I felt like I got this painting just right !” …Pettegrew.

This landscape was painted on a wood panel with 2″ wide edges and can be hung without a frame. The painting wraps all the way around the edges. The dimensions are 42″ high by 72″ wide.

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Now available from the Seven North Group, “Into the
Distance” is a fresh print from Florida’s renowned landscape painter Peter
Pettegrew. The print is an exquisite example of the incandescent effect a
sunset has on even the most distracted bystander. His connection with lucent adaptations
of the torrid Florida landscape is result of his frequent immersions into the
immaculate climate. Often known as the master of the sublime, Pettegrew is
continually inspired by the southeastern wetlands and coastal areas of
equatorial Florida. Although Florida scenery remains an enriching focus,
Pettegrew has traveled extensively over his 30-year career. From California,
Montana, and the Virgin Islands to France and the West Indies Pettegrew has a
taste for cultivated environments. As a painter in oil and watercolors,
Pettegrew includes Pastel drawings, Charcoal, and Printmaking into his

Print sizes are available for 36 x 48 and 30×40 Canvas and Paper / Total Edition size 95 plus proofs.

Included in proofs are 12 roman numerals printed up to 60 X 80 that are hand painted by the artist.

Peter at Casa Feliz Historic Home and Museum

During his one-man showing at the Casa Feliz Historic Home and Museum in Winter Park, Florida,
Peter took time to give local school children lectures and demonstrations on how he creates his artwork. The showing took place during the month of October in 2009.
Peter and fellow artist and long time friend David Berger take a moment during thier two-man showing at Avalon Island Galley in downtown Orlando earlier in the year.
Getting close to nature, Peter handles a white alligator while working on some decorations for the new white alligator exhibit at Gatorlando, Orlando which opened in early 2009.
Peter creates a plein air painting along the St. Johns river which would then be auctioned to raise funds for the distinctive Riverkeeper organization , which monitors water quality and potential abuses of the St. Johns river as it flows North toward Jacksonville and into the Atlantic. The painting sold at their annual Oyster Roast Gala where Peter met up with fellow artist Henry Von Genk, who also donated a painting for the event.

Pettegrew at Albin Polasek Winter Park Fl PaintOut

The Winter Park PaintOut, which was based at on the grounds of the beautiful and historic Albin Polasek Museum in Winter Park was a big success for everyone involved. Being the first annual event, it was easily determined by the founders of the paintout that it was the beginning of a new springtime tradition. Every participating artist – over twenty five in all – sold works at the event which help raise much needed funds for the museum. The idea for the paintout was hatched by Hal Stringer and Gary Hollingsworth both of which are heavily involved in the local art community in the Orlando area. This knowledge gave them a large group of gifted painters on which to call upon for the event. “The talent at this event was unparalleled” says Peter Pettegrew who sold three of the four works he created during the event. “Everywhere you looked there were incredible paintings in the works by the best painters of the area.” Several workshops were held during the event to help educate collectors on the different approaches on Plein Air Painting each artist employs, including area great Tom Sadlerwho gave an interesting demonstration on old masters techniques which drew both collectors and artists alike. The final night of the event was a beautiful evening. Inside the museum, all of the works were on display among a crowd of admirers. Outside among the sculpture gardens, delicious catering, being prepared (and donated) by some of the areas best restaurants was available for collectors to relax and decide which paintings might go home with them that night. Red dots (sold stickers) lined the walls beneath the paintings and everyone involved felt a sense of hope and accomplishment for the event and the support of those who still need art to bring beauty and joy into their lives.

Peter Pettegrew at The Polesak Paintout
Peter Pettegrew at The Polesak Paintout
Penultimate Picture of Peter Pettegrew at The Polesak Paintout
Penultimate Picture of Peter Pettegrew at The Polesak Paintout

The Academy Award For Poster Art

Sunshine Artist Magazine The 13th annual edition for best poster from all the festivals in North America. (If you are not familiar with Sunshine Artist, it is devoted to art shows and the artists who attend them, and is celebrating its 38th year of continuous publication this year). Judges from around the country evaluated
The best art for a poster for 2008 in 8 categories, and the judges were a distinguished lot:


JOYCE SHELTON, our lone returning judge from last
year, is an award-winning illustrator and designer who has enjoyed
a diverse career in art. Her talent is expressed in many disciplines,
including fine art painting in a variety of mediums, as well as graphic
design and illustration.
She currently designs products for the gift and home-decor
industries, in addition to fabrics, stationery and paper products that
are licensed and sold worldwide. Shelton’s previous judging credits
include the Winter Park Autumn Art Festival in Winter Park, Florida,
and the Cape Coral Festival of the Arts in Cape Coral, Florida.
Shelton shares her studio space in Altamonte Springs, Florida,
with her husband, Eddie Metz Jr., a world-class jazz musician.

JAMES LUSSIER is a supporter of visual and performing arts in
the Central Florida community and has co-produced the Orlando
Living and Art Expo in downtown Orlando, Florida. Lussier was the
last president of the Orlando Visual Artists’ League (OVAL), a non-
profit, volunteer-based organization committed to fostering social,
charitable and economic growth in the community. (OVAL operated
the OVAL on Orange Gallery in downtown Orlando for five years,
offering affordable artist studio space and monthly gallery openings
for hundreds of local artists.) He was also a board member of
Orlando’s Downtown Arts District (DAD) for six years, serving as president
in 2004. DAD supports theatres, galleries and artists’ studios in downtown
Orlando, and operates CityArts Factory.
Lussier is a partner in the Orlando law firm of Mateer Harbert, P.A.,
and concentrates his practice in the areas of eminent domain, inverse
condemnation, intellectual property, media law and general civil litigation.
He graduated in 1974 from the University of Notre Dame and in 1982 from
the University of Florida College of Law. He served as a helicopter pilot in the
United States Navy from 1974 to 1983.

DONNE BITNER (middle) is a senior faculty member in the Painting
and Drawing Department at Crealde School of Art in Winter Park, Florida,
and maintains a studio at McRae Art Studio, also in Winter Park. Her
work has appeared in a variety of publications, including American Artist
Watercolor, International Artist and Watercolor Magic.
She has conducted numerous art workshops at institutions such as the
Vero Beach Museum of Art in Vero Beach, Florida; the Arrowmont School
of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee; and Rollins College in Winter
Park, Florida. In addition, her work can be seen in the collections of the
Huntsville Museum of Art in Hunstville, Alabama, and the Daytona Beach
Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona Beach, Florida, among many
A signature member of the National Watercolor Society, the Watercolor
USA Honor Society, and the Florida and Southern Watercolor Societies,
Bitner received a Florida Individual Artist’s Fellowship in 2002 and a State of
Florida Individual Artist Enhancement Grant in 2006.

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Pettegrew Takes “Best Artwork” at WPAAF

The famous and venerable Sunshine Artist Magazine reported on the Winter Park Art Festival thusly:


Winter Park, Florida
With so many posters this year featuring great artwork, particularly
great painting, Winter Park Autumn Art Festival’s victory is especially
noteworthy. Although the judges said there was nothing out of the
ordinary about the subject matter (a typical Florida landscape), they
were impressed with the simple poetry of its creation.
“[We] kept coming back to it,” Lussier said, “and all
comments were positive.”

The Winning Poster
The Winning Poster

One of the benefits of having a panel of judges is that
one judge can recuse herself if there is a conflict of interest,
so although Shelton didn’t have a hand in the creation of this
poster, she did let the other two judges make the call because of
her involvement with the Winter Park Autumn Art Festival.

“Whether I’m painting in the Everglades or in the marshes
of South Carolina,” said Peter Pettegrew, “these Southern
wetlands have a feel and presence like nowhere else I’ve been.
This land is where the spirit within lies very close to the surface.
Its beauty abounds, and one does not have to struggle to locate
its magnificent side,”
Pettegrew has been capturing the outdoors, as he does
with Ostello View, since he was a child. His aunt, also a painter,
insisted that the 4-year-old be given no coloring books but only
blank paper after seeing his sketches. As a teen, Pettegrew was
accepted into the prestigious Harbor Senior High in Santa
Cruz, California
, afterwards continuing his formal education at
the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Acclaimed for his gallery exhibitions, the Orlando, Florida,
artist has attracted collectors such as Dan Quayle, John Travolta
and John Rigsby, but the artist is most thankful for his ability to
protect nature as he shares it with others.
The poster was designed by C&S Press Inc.

Excerpt from Sunshine Artist Magazine
Excerpt from Sunshine Artist Magazine

Text and art Courtesy of Sunshine Artist Magazine

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Wekiva Invitational Paintout, Featuring Peter Pettegrew

Sign on SR 46 for the Lower Wekiva River Prese...
Image via Wikipedia
With spring in the air, it was time once again for the third annual Wekiva Invitational Plein Air Paint Out. This gathering of artists and patrons is held in conjunction with the 4th annual Wekiva Riverfest. Proceeds from the event benefit the Friends of the Wekiva River, a non-profit organization that works to preserve and restore the natural beauty of the Wekiva River system, designated as one of the seven jewels of Central Florida. This year, two dozen artists converged on the park and surrounding areas to spend the week putting the beauty of the river to canvas.
Hosting the event was the Wekiva Island, a green and unique carbon neutral riverside oasis which provided free use of their canoes and kayaks to any of the participating artists, as well as a captained river boat to take them wherever they might like.
It was a chilly but beautiful week of painting which culminated in a Friday night opening attended by many collectors and nearby residents. Many works sold that night and even more the following day during the Riverfest celebration.
For the third year in a row, Florida Impressionist Landscape painter Peter Pettegrew was one of the participating artists in what he describes as “one of the highlights of my year” with good company and endless motifs to explore on canvas.
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Peter Pettegrew’s Art Selected For Festival Poster

Florida landscape impressionist painter Peter Pettegrew’s painting “Ostello View” has been selected as the art for the 2008 Winter Park Autumn Art Festival Poster.

By Peter Pettegrew
Peter Pettegrew

Over the summer, Peter was contacted by Baxter of Florida Frame House to submit a painting for the poster celebrating the Winter Park Autumn Art Festival. On September 17th they had a big unveiling and signing event at Florida Frame House with all of the board members of the show and the Mayor of Winter Park, David Strong, in attendance. Everyone agreed that it was a fun evening of good food and cheer in the beautiful gallery setting, and all are looking forward to the show, which will be held the weekend of October 11th and 12th along Park Avenue in Winter Park. Peter will be in attendance, signing posters and meeting art collectors from around the area.

Peter, Baxter and Mayor David Strong
Peter, Baxter and Mayor David Strong
Peter with collector Kimberly Roberts
Peter with collector Kimberly Roberts
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