ArtInfo Predicts A Goldrush In Cuban Art

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Cuban art and artists are gaining attention and collectors’ dollars worldwide. In the US, while many of Cuba‘s products are restricted, artwork is perfectly legal to purchase. Cuba has one of the finest unbroken artistic traditions in Latin America, and it is arguable that Cuba is the premiere art destination in the Caribbean. I’d feel pretty confident arguing it, anyway.

I’d also feel comfortable in predicting that under the next US administration, trade and travel restrictions will be relaxed, and that interest in and prices for Cuban art will rise swiftly.

The following excerpt is from the article “Cuba Libre” in ArtInfo, July 5th of this year.

HAVANA—Cuban art today is rapidly gaining popularity and market value. While art is still relatively affordable in Havana — $500 can buy you a good piece by an up-and-coming artist — its worth is increasing beyond national borders due to demand from foreign collectors. Broken Concert, for example — a work on paper by the Cuban art collective Los Carpinteros — sold at Sotheby’s New York for $18,000 last November; back in 1999, Fuente Humana, a similar work on paper by the same group, sold for $1,500, just a fraction of that cost, at Christie’s New York. If foreign interest continues to rise at this rate, the Cuban art market could soon be facing a gold rush.

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