Cuban Art Is Reaching the Mainstream, Says CSM

In Old Havana, a small neighborhood of artists...Image via Wikipedia

When the subject of Cuban art and artists is featured in the pages of the Christian Science Monitor, you know it is heading into the mainstream. We think that a lot of the current attention is due to the coming change in US and Cuban administrations, both of which are likely to liberalize trade and make Cuban are both more available and more popular in the US. Note the use of the “Boom” -word.

Now, a heady mix of forces is pushing Cuba into the spotlight, Mr. Carter adds, among them a deep pool of well-trained artists in the country and a growing anticipation of political and social changes under the new Rául Castro regime. Art markets in Russia and China experienced a similar boom during the past decade says Ramón Cernuda, director of Cernuda Arte Gallery in Coral Gables, Fla. “As these countries undergo enormous social change, their art markets become valuable and interesting to the world art markets,” he says.

Read the whole story- “Cuba’s artistic output finds its place on the world stage“- in the Christian Science Monitor

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