Now available from the Seven North Group, “Into the
Distance” is a fresh print from Florida’s renowned landscape painter Peter
Pettegrew. The print is an exquisite example of the incandescent effect a
sunset has on even the most distracted bystander. His connection with lucent adaptations
of the torrid Florida landscape is result of his frequent immersions into the
immaculate climate. Often known as the master of the sublime, Pettegrew is
continually inspired by the southeastern wetlands and coastal areas of
equatorial Florida. Although Florida scenery remains an enriching focus,
Pettegrew has traveled extensively over his 30-year career. From California,
Montana, and the Virgin Islands to France and the West Indies Pettegrew has a
taste for cultivated environments. As a painter in oil and watercolors,
Pettegrew includes Pastel drawings, Charcoal, and Printmaking into his

Print sizes are available for 36 x 48 and 30×40 Canvas and Paper / Total Edition size 95 plus proofs.

Included in proofs are 12 roman numerals printed up to 60 X 80 that are hand painted by the artist.