Peter Pettegrew Paints Plein Air In The Ace Basin Of SC

Or tries to, anyway. This video clip from the “Heart of a Landscape Painter” documentary gives a pretty accurate demonstration of the joys and annoyances of outdoor painting in the highly unpredictable climate of the southeastern United States. Not exactly a demo, this is more a peek into the process that results in all those great nature paintings one sees hanging in galleries and collector’s homes. My own take is that if plein air painters didn’t have pretty good senses of humor, they would be studio painters.
Filmed during a trip up to the Ace Basin of coastal South Carolina, this video reproduces in YouTube’s Flash format as kind blocky and washed-out, as is typical– but those who wish to may phone 727-894-5266 or email to obtain the whole documentary on a DVD for the cost of postage and handling, which is around 9 and change in the US, I believe.

Heart Of A Landscape Painter
"Heart Of A Landscape Painter"
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