Peter at Casa Feliz Historic Home and Museum

During his one-man showing at the Casa Feliz Historic Home and Museum in Winter Park, Florida, Peter took time to give local school children lectures and demonstrations on how he creates his artwork. The showing took place during the month of October in 2009. Peter and fellow artist and long time friend David Berger take […]

Wekiva Invitational Paintout, Featuring Peter Pettegrew

Image via Wikipedia With spring in the air, it was time once again for the third annual Wekiva Invitational Plein Air Paint Out. This gathering of artists and patrons is held in conjunction with the 4th annual Wekiva Riverfest. Proceeds from the event benefit the Friends of the Wekiva River, a non-profit organization that […]

Peter Pettegrew Paints Plein Air In The Ace Basin Of SC

Or tries to, anyway. This video clip from the “Heart of a Landscape Painter” documentary gives a pretty accurate demonstration of the joys and annoyances of outdoor painting in the highly unpredictable climate of the southeastern United States. Not exactly a demo, this is more a peek into the process that results in all those […]