America's First Poster Museum

The first Poster Museum in the United States is finally open and ready to give female artists and posters the respect they deserve in the art world. 

Click on the image for information on this poster.

The Poster House Museum just opened its doors 2 weeks ago on West 23rd Street in Manhattan New York City with its first exhibit featuring works by famous poster artist Alphonse Mucha of the Art Nouveau era in the early 1900’s. Also on exhibit from 90 years later is the poster art of modern German Graphic Design studio collective named Cyan in the 1990s. Alphonse Mucha was one of the first poster makers in the world who got his start as an advertiser in Paris. According to an article by the New York times, Mucha was working at an illustration shop on Christmas Eve when he was called to do a poster for famous actress Sandra Bernhardt who was doing a big show and needed it in a hurry.

              Click on the image for information on this great Mucha piece. 

Bernhardt was so impressed by Mucha’s colorful portrayal of her she fell in love with the artist work and Mucha became an overnight sensation. Since then, Mucha’s work was in great demand and shaped the history of posters today. Julia Knight, Poster House museum director, plans on having a vast selection of artists and genres of posters. The museum, run by a staff of women, also plans on having one exhibit per year with a non-western female focus.

 In October, the museum is having a Women’s exhibit, featuring protest posters from the 2017 Women’s March. According to Poster House curator, Angelina Lippert, “Alphonse Mucha changed the way women were portrayed in advertising.” 

Here at Seven North Art, we have thousands of posters from around the world.  Here is one of Seven North’s early 1900’s American Art Nouveau advertising posters.

        Recognize this poster from anywhere? Click on the image for more info.

 Do you think we would have programs like Photoshop or apps like Instagram without the poster? Perhaps, but they certainly would be different! 

Here’s another cool poster by Romero Britto. This rare poster is hand signed by the artist. 

                             For more information, click the image. 

For more amazing, posters visit our poster gallery. To read The New York Times Article by Ted Loos, click here.



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