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Warhol is still true to form for being on the cutting edge of history long after his death. His work is the focus of entirely revolutionizing art ownership! On the forefront of this first time historical event, one of Andy Warhol's multi-million-dollar paintings is being publicly auctioned for cryptocurrency. This event will be the first artwork to be "tokenized" and is to be sold using blockchain technology. Investors can buy a fraction of artwork meaning “anyone can own a Warhol.” or at least part of one.

It is sort of like investing in an "Art Fund" which we have had available for some time; Seven North Art offers art fund investing in the Investment division 

 Warhol, Andy - "Panda" - 60 x 60 1983 Original Painting

Also in the news, November 12th, the Whitney Museum of American Art is set to organize the first U.S museum retrospective of Warhol's work since 1989.
This is being created by Donna de Salvo who knew Warhol and worked with him on his previous shows while he was still alive. The exhibition will show more than 350 works of art, some of which are being assembled together for the first time. This exhibition will include not only his most famous pop pieces from the 1960s but is said to also feature the lesser-known works from the 1970’s-80s. The show is to display his work as a continuum.

All in all its not hard to understand why there is so much attention drawn to this man's work. He was truly a visionary using artistic expression, celebrity culture, and advertising to create the empire of admirers he has now. From the early stages of his career in commercial illustration to his Pop art, his experimentation in film and finally his use of ready-made abstraction he has captivated the minds and hearts of millions.

To read more about the artist click here!

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Warhol, Andy "Gun" 28x36 Poster                       Warhol, Andy "Cowboys and Indians" 30x27

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