Graffiti; Taking a step out of the shadows.



Graffiti; Taking a step out of the shadows.

Up until the mid-2000's graffiti has been an art form that has been frowned upon or to some, not even considered art.  But now, things are changing, and in New York graffiti has made a huge impact. Street artists from the state have signed up to bring energy to the World Trade Center site. Corrugated metal sheds being their canvases. Silverstein Properties teamed up with Port Authority of New York as well as New Jersey to allow the artist to display their amazing artwork.  These sheds were dreary and made the whole area heavy, that's why Port Authority (who owns the World Trade Center Campus) asked the artist to come and liven the sheds exteriors. It really brought unity to the area and made the environment lighter.



This was no easy task but these artists were determined. Six murals are finished and two more are expected. The emotional gravity of the devastation done is slowly being lifted as these works of art are finished. It is truly bringing balance to the area and that is something that is much needed. 

~Mikayla Arrington 6/5/2018

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