Back and Almost Better Than Ever

Seven North Art featured artist Caleb is painting again! 

This week on New Arrivals, you will be able to see posters by Artist Rick Hills 'Fish Dreams Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo Poster,' Clearwater Marine Aquarium poster by Chris Ucker, Unusual Floral prints by Pegge Hopper, and two fantastic Caleb pieces that Seven North just released.

These Caleb paintings are from a private collection and are now available for sale. During late 2013 Caleb had some health issues and unfortunately stopped painting. However, we are pleased to announce that he is back and almost better than ever.The fantastic news is Caleb is able to paint again. He lost use of his hands and other motor functions for the last 5 years and has now recovered! He is still in a wheel chair but his arms, hands and Brain are working quiet well again! More on this amazing story in up coming news. He is living on his own and has set a wonderful studio; so look for new Caleb paintings we will have available soon.

 Seven North Art has been with Caleb since 1996 when Caleb applied for a job and was hired as one of our Art Packers and deliverers. Then one day, Caleb showed his art to Seven North Art's founder, James Cournoyer, and Jim told him to "Stop what you are doing right now. We are hiring someone else for your position. You are going to start painting." 

This Caleb, 'Cedar Key'  makes me want to go on vacation. For more information on this piece, click the image. 

After being set up with his own Studio, Seven North Art took Caleb's work to Dallas, New York City, Los Angeles, Los Vegas, Miami, Atlanta. His paintings were a huge success, and he had to get a bigger studio to meet all the demands of his work. One of his first big commissions was for a corporate client on the east coast of Florida for the new wing of the Bethesda Memorial Hospital. 

 Caleb's colorful and dreamy paintings are full of emotion. His pieces capture the beauty of his surroundings, friends, family, and the beauty of the world. 



Do you have an original Caleb? We would love to hear from you! 

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