Beauty From The Ashes: Ash Art

For centuries, artists have been both known to use just about anything to create a work of art and comment on social issues. Shane Grammer, California Artist, used his passion and pieces of lost Paradise California to create beautiful works of art and commemorate California’s survivors of fires.

Grammer uses burned cars, fences, and other structures instead of canvas, he “spray paints” them into Art Objects. His most recent works were featured in the Northern California Museum of Art’s show titled  ‘Beauty from The Ashes.’ The exhibit this past weekend was to help raise funds for the museums summer camp for children to paint and for the Paradise Art Center. Director of the camp, Pat Macias, president of the Monca board, described the camp, “Art and the Word: Visual Literacy Program,” as an opportunity for second- through fifth-graders to do art, as well as hopes for support for the Art Center. stated she believes art is healing and hopes that the Paradise Art Center can help others escape from the stresses that surround them following the campfire that turned awry.

Hundreds attended the exhibit and stayed for hours in marvel at Grammer’s pieces, lighthouses during a storm providing them with hope. The pieces were made miles from where there homes once stood.

Although Shane Grammer has been painting murals for years he wasn't ready for the gut wrenching emotional reaction to his art he received. Terrance Duffy, the photographer who worked with Grammar and photographed his pieces said “I am forever changed.”

The two walked together through the ashes in the woods and rain, creating beauty out of the destruction around them. Duffy made it his “mission” to create photograph art with the ash, painting with it, or using pieces of material to frame Grammar’s work.   

The Paradise Art Center and the children at the summer camp which starts today will benefit from the event for months to come.

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