Being 'Exposed' to art just took on a whole new meaning.

Getting personal with art has never been so easy until now.



Information gathered by the New York Times article by Thomas Rogers

In May 2018, Seven North Art stumbled upon a rather interesting article having to do with a special museum show going on in the beautiful city of Paris. Because of Seven North’s recent move, we couldn't write about it in time, but now that we're all settled into our new location lets dive in!



On May 7th, 2018, Very first nudist tour of the Palais de Tokyo; a contemporary art museum, took place. The event was considered a ‘Visite Naturiste’ and let’s just says it was a huge success. What was estimated to be 100-200 hundred interested ended up being 30,000 as indicated by Facebook.  There were six tours done by the museum employees of “Discord, Daughter of the Night,” a succession of exhibitions that spanned across the museum. The shows contained one large, air born sculpture and five separately curetted but related exhibitions in different areas of the museum, having to do mostly with political issues and political resistance. 

The exhibition left all that attended feeling euphoric and free, despite the anxiety or fear they had felt prior to stepping foot inside its doors. For all those reading, never pass up new experiences, you may end up loving them!




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