"Special Economic Zone" Accerlerationism taking a step into mainstream media.

Its 2018 and we have never advanced so quickly, some would protest that we are advancing too quickly. This is the belief of Nick Land who, since 1990 has been perpetuating the philosophy "accelerationism."  Now, at the Long March Space center in Beijing, the artist Liu Chuang has used these concepts to create their exhibition "Special Economic Zone". This is the third exhibition to continue the series that started in 2006. The first was "Building Code VIolations" which displayed the instantaneous economic expansion and social changes that China went through. The Long March Project is a curatorial initiative created in 1999 that shoots to combine alternative programs such as walks, discussions, and writing groups along with traditional exhibitions.

The "Special Economic Zone" gives its attention to the rapidly growing technologies of today. Nick Land had a theory from AI to robotics to the blockchain. Presented by parallel animations of racks and racks of bitcoin mining servers, the other shows a stream of water. This is an allusion to the huge amounts of natural resources that are required to create cryptocurrencies. (It has been estimated that the electricity consumption of bitcoin mining operations worldwide is around the same as all of Ireland.)

Another part of the exhibition is by the fashion designer SVC displays the interweaving of consumerism and socialism, that was brought upon the expansion of the economy in China. Shown by an animation and collection of their new clothing designs, which have the right words and graphics to convey these socialist values. Creating a trendy streetwear. 

This exhibition has taken on many issues facing China and the world, whether it be the crazy amounts of energy eaten up by the creation of cryptocurrency, the marketing of socialist "core values" or the obsession for stability when faced by unavoidable change. Each part of the exhibition truly conveys the idea that the speed of growth technology and capitalism have is going to destroy our creative selves and make it very difficult to correct the mistakes we have already made. 

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