Museum Tours: Now for those who don't like Museum tours.


Museums long have had their stereotypes of the dull people quietly walking around, sipping on wine while gazing intently on a masterpiece. This doesn't seem very appealing to the mass majority of individuals out there and museums know that, and that's why many of them are changing it up.


This past week, The Art Institute of Chicago gave a very special tour.  Led by Sarah Dunnavant and tour company Museum Hack, they created a fun and relevant space for the art goers. They displayed American folk art, fake Caravaggio and the arsenic-laced green paint liked by Van Gogh. There was candy passed out to keep the attendants full of energy, talked about the videos and photography in Beyonce's music videos of the Yoruba Goddess Osun in the African gallery. The Art Institute of Chicago wanted to change the atmosphere of chin-stroking people analyzing the brush strokes of the artist, into a fresh, fun and enjoyable celebration of art. 

They are not the first to change up the scene, Museums like the Neon Museum of Las Vegas have created different tours like this one. The Dali museum has devoted its self to put people in the surrealist space that Dali was in his dreams. The Ringling Museum of art was the first museum to have a tour led by Drag Queens. 

Now, why are they doing this? Well, many museums have seen a shift from large groups checklist style to smaller groups with guides that have specific knowledge on something and they can speak confidently about those subjects. Audiences have to be entertained before they can be educated. In the world we live in know it is difficult to get people excited to go to a museum when they can look up the art on their phones. However, the experiences are changing and having the raw experience is always going to beat an iPhone.

Go experience it for yourself! Where ever you might be, there is going to be a beautiful museum just waiting to entertain and educate you.

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