How does your art affect your business?

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What do you want customers to feel when they first enter your lobby, conference room or office?

Do you own or manage a business of any kind? Maybe an office, restaurant or hotel? If you do, consider what the atmosphere in your space “feels” like to all potential and existing clients. Remember every time they enter your establishment they are possibly going to spend money, right? Have you created an environment that soothes or excites people or is there just some color splashed patterns in a frame? Have you thought about how to enhance the experience for your unique service or product? Depending on what your selling, your art might target a feeling of interest for a financial firm or a calming feel for a doctor’s office, a historical or cultural for schools, an informative feeling for an Insurance company, or eye-popping feeling for café or sports gyms.

 Seven North  Etching-Poster-Antique Re-strike

What is the first sense humans use to evaluate their first impression when entering any kind of business? Almost always it is sight; you are subconsciously speaking to your clients through the visual environment you create. With every encounter, you elevate, stagnate or disadvantage your opportunity to make an immediate and lasting impression, for your bottom line. Even though it might seem minimal, their “feelings” about your space affects the decisions they make about you, your product and brand. If you are lucky and they return, you’ll get a second chance and if you have changed the visual ambiance their mood will be changed!

Having an aesthetic awareness about the art your company displays will affect your long-term sales in a small way or in a large way depending on the business you are in. Seven North Art has been providing real art from artist, estates, and dealers all over the world for; Interior Designers, Architects, Art Galleries and Corporate Buyers for almost 40 years.

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The space you create in your Travel Agencies, Restaurants, Corporate Office or waiting area is for the customer. Take a moment to look at the art in your company and think about being a client and see if you can get a sense of how it might make them feel about you.

What is the main issue floating around the art businesses today? Blah/cookie cutter art. Blah art is a term Seven North uses to describe the bland, soulless, and spiritless overly mass-produced art that has accelerated to the forefront and is having an impact on buyers because they think that “real art” is not affordable for the project. Here is a perfect example of Blah art in one of the major hotel corporations in the world. (Not to mention any names but it is a Big H- Hotel in St. Petersburg Florida.)

Blah Art at the big H - no signature - who's the artist?

In fact, many times for a similar budget you can get “real artist” that work from their heart to create your concept and they can be reproduced and signed and numbered exclusively for you. There are also many old incredible prints & posters that are available. They have a sense of history, many were created for an event or to market a product past and present. If you need multiples of these vintage posters for a large project in many cases, they can be legally reproduced if we don’t have enough of the original ones left.

Seven North  Vintage Posters

You can get “real artist” that paint from their heart to create your concept directly for your customers or yourself instead of just “something in the right color” to just fill up space. There are many ways to bring handmade work into your business for similar or even less cost than the cookie cutter dull produced, Decor Art. These companies either sell you “art” not created by an individual usually generated computerized graphic splashed of color with no signature or painted by an artist that was hired to do paint overs on these graphics slapping on some paint in a factory production line style then calling them "Multiple Originals." One thing that should be known is there is no such thing as Multiple Originals; it’s either an original or it’s not. So, don’t let them fool you into purchasing this work as original. It's soulless, lacks personality and will not make your client feel much but it will make them think about your business while sitting in your lobby.

Seven North Art sells paintings, original handmade editions, vintage posters, prints, and sculpture straight from the artist, estate collections and dealers from around the world. You'll never receive art without an actual artist sanctioning his or her own work. You can take pride in knowing your business has aesthetically pleasing works of art that a real artist somewhere in the world created from the heart. Add the biographies of the artists with an explanation of the techniques used in their chosen medium and display them with your collection. This will expand the customer's interest and overall experience with you and will help to broaden your company's image in their mind.

Seven North knows the importance of art in the corporate world and that’s why we want to share this information to help your business. Create great community connections, direct rapport with individuals and take every opportunity to make a statement.

Seven North has helped many companies create their ideal environment and we can do the same for yours! 

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