Is Art Something You Create Or Is Art All Around You?

For the artist in all of us, Your life is your masterpiece!

Have you ever been standing in line at the grocery store thinking about Art? Probably not. Did you know that even while standing in line, Art is right in front of you? If you consider that art is expressed in many ways in our everyday life; magazines and ads are only the beginning. Look at what they are doing with body painting and tattoos today! Tattoos are inspired many times by some of the oldest countries and all the symbols that represent their cultures; think Asia for example.


This print by Diane Gugliotta was made using the ancient Japanese print making technique of Goyotaku. Click on the images for pricing. 

Art has the power to change the world and affect society as it always has. Studies have been done on how art can influence one’s sense of self, and how humans communicate with others. According to the February 2018 article from Medical News Today by Maria Cohut,(Link at the end of this blog) one may even say that our need to create is in our blood as human instinct to help us survive.  

Most people have some form of artwork at home and work, and even if you don't you probably have a picture or a poetry verse on the refrigerator which is important to you. Seven North Art has many of the world's famous artists like Monet, Picasso, Renoir, Warhol, Herring, Rivera, O’Keeffe, Klee and a large selection of vintage and new event and museum posters including music concerts, theater openings, dance performances, film and art festivals. Many of them are rare or first edition and second edition posters, along with a continually growing selection of thousands of original prints and paintings. Whatever your art interest; Seven North has it or knows exactly where to get it.  

Can working at a 9-5 office job be artistic? Can being stuck in traffic on the way to the Beach become a work of art? Well maybe, if someone painted a picture of you sitting in the car like this silkscreen by Dave Faville. Click the image for pricing. 


It may sound strange, but anything can be a creative opportunity. You don't have to be a starving bohemian Artist or a millionaire Art collector to see that Art is all around us and the art you live with has effects on your creative thoughts and life.

Here is one of our vintage etchings made by Portuguese artist Kabir from the 1980s. For more Kabir click here

Have you ever wondered how etchings are made? Do you know what an etching is? If you can take a little time and want to develop your creative side, start checking out Seven North Art’s continuing library of material. It covers world art news, blogs, articles, video performance lessons, artist videos, cultural subjects and events. Some of the newest subjects will be available on the site over the next few months are: Printmaking History (blog), Music,Theater and Movie art posters (blog with videos) Art Photography (3, types of Art Mediums (series of 12 short videos 1.5 to 2 min. on each), Featured Artist live interviews with some on location (3 to 5 min videos) and three or four current Art News releases on everything from performing art events  to the latest Museum shows weekly. There is a full year of other interesting and fun lessons on now. Check it out and see what might interest you the most. And of course, we would appreciate any comments and feedback from you.That being said, Art is subjective. What you think is a fantastic piece, might repulse someone else. Famous artist Andy Warhol said, “Art is what you can get away with.”  Since Seven North Art has been in the business for nearly four decades, we have a great understanding of what separates true talent from amateurs. Seven North Art is always looking for new art and artists across the globe. If you are an artist and have an interesting portfolio you would like to share, send us an email with a sampling of your work.

Shake things up

One way to be creative and live an artistically is by changing your daily experience and surroundings. If you feel mundane, shake it up and do something different. Instead of eating lunch when or where you normally do, bring it with you for a walk to the nearest park. If you feel like you need to change the mood in your home, maybe add one new piece of art and re-hang everything else in a new spot. This balloon print cracks me up. The reason why many of us end up in situations we hate is that we underestimate our abilities and over calculate the actual risk involved. Don't be afraid of the uncomfortable or the unknown. Imagine if famous artist Jasper Johns said Art is too risky; 'I’m going to keep working at this bookstore sweeping floors' and he had never picked up a paintbrush!


Challenges lead to opportunities.  As famous artist and teacher, Bob Ross said, “We don't make mistakes. We make happy little accidents.”  Even if you fail, celebrate your failure. It can lead you to where you were supposed to be.

Seven North Art’s recent move to Clearwater has not only allowed us to grow and expand as a company but brought us to a new location full of rich history. Take for example a walk in Downtown, Clearwater.  The architecture of the buildings like the historic Capitol Theater is amazing architecture and is a work of art yet, most people simply walk by. The theater opened in 1921 and was renovated in 2013 to expand its seating to 750 people. The building still hosts concerts to this day and is a pivotal part of Clearwater’s nightlife. There is so much art in our world, all you need to do is stop and notice it.

This coffee shop painting by Seven North Art featured Artist Caleb is intimate and inspiring. Click the image for pricing. For more of Caleb's work click here. 

Art, like love, is the key to changing your perspective. By simply paying attention to details, your mood can drastically change from melancholy to euphoria. So the next time you look at art take notice of what you feel.You will start to refine your taste in art by noticing how the little details in life affect your emotions. It can be as simple as noticing the way sunlight peaks through clouds in the sky. It is in these moments of discovery that our inner artist will be inspired to create by the beauty that surrounds us.

Talk about sun-lite trough the clouds ! This from one of Pettegrew's paintings used to reproduce a Poster for fund raising at "Conservancy of Southwest Florida". we have 5 left and you can get them signed !

Be Present

With so much of our time spent on cell phones, it is easy to stop living in the moment. Next time you are out at the beach with your kids, lover, or just yourself, be at the beach with whoever and don't bring your phone; at least for the first hour! . If you are looking at art or a dance performance or movie take it all in without doing or thinking other things at the same time. In a coffee shop hanging out? Relax and enjoy! Look at the people passing by, the photographs on the wall, the color of your partner’s blouse, and participate in the 'art of conversation'. This practice, often referred to as mindfulness, brings your attention to the here and now. You will be surprised by how much you see when your face isn't looking down into a screen. Your date and your kids will also thank you for your time.

When you do come back to the phone and social media, check the Seven North Art Facebook page. Seven North Art posts regularly on social media accounts new arrivals in our gallery, our featured spotlight artists who we represent, and sales on artwork, so if you haven't liked our page or followed us on Instagram, you could be missing out on a fabulous painting or summer savings. While you are scrolling through your friends posts in your news feed, challenge yourself to find something artistic about pictures you see. Better yet, take pictures of art you find in your daily life. It doesn't have to be a Picasso, it can be a picture of the Pinellas trail at dusk, your child running up the street from the school bus, a fun inspirational quote, or even a cool tattoo.    


Seven North Art also has a framing shop that specializes in custom framing for whatever your art needs are.So how do we know if we are being creative and living our best life? We begin to notice the small details in life we rarely did before and find that art is abundant and your art is reflected in you heart.

For more information on Maria Cohut's article, click here. 

Thankyou for reading! Got a comment? A question on a piece? Send an email to 



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