We're all Art Collectors

If I were ask you if you’re an Art Collector, you’d probably say no. The truth is we’re all art collectors; the only real difference is the amount of money and quality of the art we collect.

We all have posters, prints, watercolors, paintings, and art objects that adorn the walls of our home or office. No matter what the cost, it’s precious to you, because it relaxes you, brings back fond memories or maybe a precious gift from a loved one.

Your art, be it ever so humble or expensive is yours and it’s always personal in most cases, albeit the painting that’s welded to your dining room wall from your mother or father in law! Art can transport you to better times or in some case’s a beloved relative or a pet that’s no longer with you, so we’re all art collectors in one form or another.

Here’s an Offset limited edition print example by Maxfield Parrish that’s dark and moody , or this original hand made Etching is a great example (Hatch"Heart) to make you smile or laugh. Your the curator of your own art collection for what ever reason.

If you’re no-longer being moved by your collection of display art, it could be time for a change. As your life and circumstances change so will your taste in art. If you’re building a business or reaching for the stars, you may want to be inspired by the Great Masters! Everyone no matter what their budget can have a master collection ie. Picasso or Rivera Diego or a Warhol.

Depending on the medium & size from $20 to $200 you can have a beautiful Art Poster from a Museum show. When you put your master piece on your wall, you’ll find the classics will inspire you and give you a sense of being part of something bigger than you.

You’ll find many Art Posters and offset prints from the Historical and Contemporary Masters as well as investment opportunities in their original paintings at Seven North Art. Many obscure artist, painters and Sculptors from around the world have skills that match the masters although you may never have heard of them. That’s the great things about art, the discovery of won work. Your friends and family will enjoy discovering new art as well.

At Seven North you’ll find interesting Bio’s about many of the artist we represent, so you’ll have a story to tell when people ask you about your art. You’ll know about the Artist  and how her or his art was made; is it hand etched into a copper plate then inked and printed by the artist with his or her original signature and edition number; all by the Artist.  

Weather a Painting an original print or a great quality Reproduction printed on canvas or paper the value rest in your enjoyment. To know about your art increases your interest and knowledge....maybe the Artist did some over painting on a Silk-screen like Warhol did or maybe it's a mixed media piece that began its life as great Photograph and then became a painting. 

Take a look around Seven North Art, we have something for everyone and every budget. Please feel free to call us anytime with questions about the art you see here, or more importantly the art you don’t see here, because we can find it for you. We are putting new art on the website everyday, we have thousands of pieces of art that aren’t shown yet! 

Seven North Art has extensive connections in the art world, so if your busy just give us your wish list and we’ll gladly look for you and we’ll ship anywhere for you. 

We’ll see you here next week...


Seven North Art, Jim Cournoyer

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