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If animals were not the first subject ever painted they were certainly the second. Animals have been on this earth long before humans and we have had this friends and foes relationship since the beginning. According to a huge survey conducted by Art Business Today UK, the top 10 subjects for art sold in Europe are as listed below. It's not surprising to find the animals are two of the ten listed.
Traditional landscapes
Local views
Modern or semi-abstract landscapes
Figure studies (excluding nudes)
Seascapes, harbor, and beach scenes
Impressionistic landscapes
Animals, both real and fantasy, occupied an important place in ancient art, animals appear in ancient caves paintings dating back 30,000 to 40,000 years. These ancient paintings depict animals such as bison and deer as a part of early man’s day-to-day life.
We have always had a heavy basis in nature. Most works of art had religious significance, paying homage to the gods in one way or another.
In Christian art, the lamb was made to be a symbol of Christ, emphasizing his sacrifice for humanity, while the griffin stood as a guardian figure for the dead.
Since the first drawing on cave walls, the animal world served as an endless source of fascination. Animals have been represented in a variety of ways, as symbols, teachers of moral lessons, aesthetic and scientific muses, talking creatures, or companions. Commanding the composition and constructing meanings, they have served as vessels for happiness, distress, environmental issues, gender roles, and more. The portrayal of animals in visual arts reveals a lot about our times and the relationship between our two worlds colliding, and Whether artists have used them literally or figuratively, with or without human subjects, or dimensions animals have always reminded us of the simplistic beauty of nature.

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