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Travel Culture and History- 

Travel & Culture art concentrates on pieces of creativity that have an essence of a certain cultural theme. Kristen Ali Eglinton, in her 2003 book called "Art in the Early Years" she defined multicultural art as "the study of artistic and aesthetic endeavors of the people and cultures that form the non-Western world". 

Multicultural art revolves around dance, music, graffiti and many other mediums of many cultures and races who express passion for the city life. Cultures inspire many people on a global level to send political, positive and unique messages to the public in an artistic and creative way. [Back to Travel Culture and History]


You'll find many great living artists and artist from the last two centuries. Seven North Art has an astronomical number of styles featuring abstract shapes and patterns in every color palette imaginable. [Back to Abstract] 

Nautical Coastal-

There is so much more than just an ocean that the seascape brings with it; the coast, the boats, the beach, the cliffs, the always changing weather and sea; it is the perfect muse. [Back to Nautical Coastal]


Landscapes of all types have long inspired human creativity. Images of streams, mountains, beaches, and rolling green fields tend to set the mind at ease. Our art pieces allow you to bring a touch of the outdoors inside [Back to Landscape]


All the old memorabilia you will reminisce about and even the ones you can’t recall are located right here! If you've ever wanted to revisit some pleasant point in your or someone else’s lifetime, take a look and discover the old gems you might stumble upon. These are the perfect gifts for retro lovers; this collection varies from old movie posters, timeless photos shot in the early stages of America, the artwork of past artist you love, and much more!

Take some time and look at all the beauty that the past has to offer here at North Seven Art. [Back to Vintage]


Children have always had a knack for simple fantasies of the world and of the ones they make up on their own. Whether it be pirates sailing across the ocean blue or a princess locked in a tower, these pieces are sure to captivate your child's and possibly your own imagination.

This artwork is perfect to put up in any room, nursery, office or hospital because it is sure to bring a smile to your and your child's face, so take a dive into this fantasy and you'll be surprised at what you might find. [Back to Children]


Animals have been on this earth long before humans and our relationship has been both as a friend and foe since the beginning.

Seven North Art Animal Gallery has a fascinating variety for all of you who love creatures of all kinds and are looking for art that depicts them in many forms. [Back to Animals]


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