Peter Max Rare poster Riding a Dolphin while playing flute at sunset

Max, Peter "Harmony" Rare poster for "The Dolphin Projects" 28x22

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Printed in 1995 for The Dolphin Project, an environmental animal activist group.

Peter Max rides a Dolphin in the sunset while playing the flute! The Pop Artist and Culture Icon Peter Max is a long time ally of many causes.
In the 60's he made his first television appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show the ultimate TV show of the 1960's. Soon after he was a guest on the Johnny Carson Show where the entire set design was covered with his artwork and in 1969 Max appeared on the cover of Life magazine.
Max is always ahead of the curve and became a famous painter because of his talent which he used to spread his beliefs about animal rights, saving the environment and many other passions. In 1981 Peter started a campaign to restore the Statue of Liberty and convinced Lee Iacocca, Chairman of Chrysler Corporation to become chairman Liberty Renovations Project. President Ronald Reagan got involved and invited Max to the White House for Reagan’s first Fourth of July celebration. Peter completed six large Statue of Liberty paintings in the Rose Garden during the party with many world leaders and dignitaries looking on as Peter asked the President to add the final brush stroke; which delighted the President.
There are many more stories about Mr. Max and he is continuing his work today painting for human rights and for the environment at the tender age of 81! 
In this poster for Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project, Max donated his time and creative energy to produce a stunning poster. O'Barry was the man who trained the five dolphins the 1964 popular American TV series called Flipper. Dolphin Project is the longest-running anti-captivity dolphin welfare
organization in the world.   
This is an extremely rare Peter Max Poster
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