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     Seven North Arts partner for investment art is AEP Art Equity, headquartered in Miami with meeting and viewing offices in Manhattan. This company specializes in the needs of serious individual collectors and family or corporate offices who must in-turn attend to the diverse needs of managing collected art.

Providing independent art advisory services to private, corporate, and institutional investors and collectors worldwide for 28 years.They have extensive knowledge in all categories of North American and European fine art including Old Masters, Impressionist and Modern Contemporary art and have completed many valuation and acquisitions of art in Asia, Middle East and Africa. Their advice can be invaluable when considering any investment in fine art. 

Understanding and navigating the art market can be tricky. This highly experienced team of international art advisers has long-term associations with the world’s most prestigious artists, galleries, institutions and auction houses, along with unlimited access to the very best research and statistical material available.

While art is first and foremost a passion for most collectors it has increasingly become an attractive asset class for investing, storing and accumulating wealth. Services include portfolio management tools that use many of the strategies deployed on Wall Street that support collector’s to more effectively managed their art as an asset. 

Because of the extreme privacy of the companies clients, please contact Seven North Art with all questions first; and we will set up a appointment for you with the appropriate person at AEP Art Equity

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