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Seven North Art's search for fine and beautiful art has discovered in an old estate a treasure trove of incredible botanical palm prints. 

Seven North Art has represented and sold these art pieces many years ago but we were almost out and here in this old house under beds and in the storage garage we found more ..Now we have hundreds so we are going to sell the 1st 40 sets at extremely low prices.... six  beautiful magnificently done Botanical Palm Tree Drawings by artist Diane Peebles. Seven North Art rescued them from an old house in the estate of a  very eccentric publisher and collector and the smaller size was in one of his storage units. It was quite an exciting adventure digging them out from under all kinds of maps and some other interesting old art pieces. They were printed 28 years ago and luckily the publisher knew what he was doing.  All of the six Botanical palm tree prints were printed on  Acid -free vellum paper  80 lb cover stock  and most were still in the original packaging wrapped and are in mint condition. Seven North Art was able to inventory about 350 of each totaling about 3,600 including the large and small Palm Tree prints.

There are approximately 2,600 species of palm trees on the planet, almost all of them live in tropical and subtropical regions. Palms are one of the most widely planted trees in the world and have always been highly important to humans in many ways. In landscaping their diversity is unmatched, gardens, parks, beaches and vacations locations around the globe; even in non-tropical areas certain palms have become the standard. A perfect example of this in Los Angeles California where only a single species is native the - Wasingtonia filifera known as the California Fan Palm.

In the early 1930's when L.A. started building it's most famous streets with an eye on looking good for the upcoming 1932 Olympic Games, the city planted 150 miles of streets with 40,000 Palm Trees, which at that time sold only $3.60 each.   

Today you will find a long list of Palms in southern California including **Cuban Royal Palm - **Canary Island Date Palm - **Bismark Palm -** Red sealing Wax Palm  (Lipstick Palm) { Cyrtostachys renda } **Bailey Palm (California Fan Palm) to mention only a few . One tree that California tried for years to propagate is the **Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera) however; today  there is only one surviving in Newport Beach, it was planted in 1984 where it still exist in a dwarfed size (57 degrees is it temperature limited)            

 As for the leading natural Palm tree environments in the U. S. 50 states are Hawaii and Florida.They have the best climate and soil. Many Palm trees are very well indoors and are found  all over the world in home and offices.. A few even do great outdoors in the northern latitudes as high as 50 degrees north. The ''Windmill'' one of the cold hardy Palms for those of you in the cold anywhere in the world that want grow a Palm Tree where it also snows; or you can grab one of these Palm Tree prints from  with no maintenance no watering; just the joy of looking at them in your home , office , camper, yacht or boat.
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