Peter Pettegrew

Peter Pettegrew is considered a Master Painter of the Modern Landscape, with seven museum shows and 40 years of working on location he is a true plein-air artist (painting on location). The remote locations of his paintings; which are mostly in National Wilderness Park woods, marsh lowlands, estuaries and National Seashores where he finds a sense of purpose. 

"For me, it is where it all comes together; I work to honor the face of nature by painting her portrait in so many ways and in so many places" .............Peter Pettegrew

He has devoted his life to capturing nature on canvas; traveling from the Caribbean to California drawing and painting what he calls "timeless beauty." 

Seven North Art is the exclusive agent for all Pettegrew paintings, charcoal drawings  and the sole publisher of his fundraising posters and limited editions prints.  

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