Albert Bierstadt  early American landscapes Sunsets sweeping color of Western states

Bierstadt Albert ''The Oregon Trail'' Print from one of his early Plein-Air paintings 24x18

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Probably no one traveled to as many locations as Albert Bierstadt. He first painted in the eastern part of the U.S. He captured the White Mountains of New Hampshire on canvas in 1952. Later in 1959 is when he first traveled west to the Pacific Ocean, painting the pounding waves and palms trees of the California coast. After many trips, Bierstadt completed paintings of Yosemite in California, Mt. Hood in Oregon, Estes Park in Colorado and Puget Sound in Washington. He even ventured to Alaska and later painted islands in the Bahamas. During these journeys, he had few amenities and could not go back to a cozy home each night. This was Plein Air for sure, but should probably be called "Wilderness Plein Air" painting.  Most of the places he painted had only ever been seen by the native people of those regions.  It is worth noting that some say Albert Bierstadt completed approximately 4,000 works in his lifetime. It is impossible to know an accurate count because his large home and studio in Malkastan N.Y. burned down in 1882 with many finished and unfinished works.
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