Agus Rianto

    Agus Rianto was born in 1951 in the artist’s village of Solo on the island of Java in Indonesia.

    He was selected at age 14 to attend the Dutch-run Fakultas Sastera (school of arts) in Jogjakarta and was part of several group exhibitions there and in the capital.

    His style involves a bold application of numerous levels of oil paint as each painting evolves.  Agus works intuitively, without an overall plan, and refines his compositions once a direction has emerged.  Agus explains that his inspiration comes from the interplay of sekala and neskala, or being and non-being, the fundamental elements of Balinese metaphysics.

    Agus is also a master of the Indonesian martial art form known as Silat.  As such he is commonly addressed by acquaintances as “Tukang Silat” (Silat Master). This martial study of opposing forces also informs his work.

    Agus lives with his wife, dancer Ida Ayu Wisanta on the island of Bali.

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