Alexy Kriukov

     Alexy Kriukov was born in February of 1944 in the U.S.S.R. during the troubled period of World War II. He was born in a town with the unusual name of Chortomlun, when translated into English literally sounds like "mill of the devil".

     Kriukoy left home at 16, working to earn entrance to study as a student in fine arts at Dnepropetrovsk Art School. During his enrollment from 1966 through 1969, he gained recognition as a talented student. In 1969, he was recommended to the Kiev Art Academy, considered the best art school in the Ukraine. He attended this academy from 1969 through 1975 where he studied easel painting.

     Kriukov has totally dedicated himself to painting since this time and maintains a disciplined work ethic in his daily routine. Due to his enormous capacity for work, he has produced a fabulous portfolio of oil paintings. He has attended numerous exhibitions in Russia and has earned a reputation as a great oil painter.

      Kriukov is a very popular and well-known individual throughout the region. He has many friends due to his easygoing personality. He is famous for his sparkling sense of humor, which puts smiles on people's faces. All of his works are signed with his nickname, Kriuk which means "Hook" in English. His creations are endowed with light blue colors, creating a feeling of serenity and eternity. Kriukov's paintings have been displayed in Russia, Poland, France, and England, and are held in numerous private collections the world over.

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