Alison A. Burnett

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EDUCATION:                    Lowestoft College of Art, London, England

                                             Ipswich College of Art, Ipswich, England


PERMANENT                    The Center for Photography at Woodstock

COLLECTIONS:                     Woodstock, NY



 MUSEUM AND                     Robin Rice Gallery, New York, NY

 ART GALLERIES:             Giraffics Fine Arts, East Hampton, NY

                                             Muze Dell Eza, Tokyo, Japan

                                             Grand Central Gallery, Tampa, FL

                                                Picturehouse Gallery, Charlotte, SC

                                             Maralyn Wilson Gallery, Birmingham, AL

                                             Bennett Galleries, Knoxville, TN

                                             Gallery 44, Ellicott City, MA

                                             Alfredo’s West Gallery, Tucson, AZ

                                             Gryphon Gallery, Grosse Point, MI

                                             Todd Grier Galleries, Orlando, FL

                                             Douglas Albert Gallery, State College, PA

                                             House and Garden Gallery, Nassau, Bahamas

                                             Tafoya Gallery, Los Gatos, CA

                                             Art Associates, Lawrence, NY

                                             Hartley Gallery, Orlando FL

                                             Asao Gallery, St. Simon’s Island, GA

                                             Marquis Galleries, Thornhill, Ontario

                                             Evergreen Gallery, Springlake, NJ

                                             La Fond Gallery, Pittsburg, PA

                                             Tampa Museum of Art





CORPORATE                      Jordan Mill, Bedfordshire, England

COLLECTIONS:                 Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith

                                             New York, NY

                                             AT&T, Tampa, FL

                                             The Paradyne Finance Corp., Largo, FL

                                             Price Waterhouse, Tampa, FL

                                             Chase Bank of Florida NA, Tampa FL

                                             Saks Fifth Avenue, Miami, FL

                                             McDonald’s Corporation, St. Petersburg, FL

                                             Lomas Mortgage Corporation, Dallas, TX

                                             The May Company, Los Angeles, CA

                                             Corona Pacific Corporation, Irvine, CA

                                             Newhart Enterprises, San Diego. CA

                                             Rols Capitol Company, Ft. Lee, NJ

                                             Smith Group, Tempe, AZ

                                             Vantagg Corporation, Tampa, FL

                                             Briggs Corporation, Ann Arbor, MI

                                             C.P.I., Jacksonville, FL



                                             ALISON A. BURNETT




CORPORATE                     Macdill Federal Credit Union, Tampa, FL

COLLECTIONS:                Alexander and Alexander, Tampa, FL

                                            First National Bank, Clearwater, FL

                                            Belmac Corporation, Tampa, FL

                                            First Florida Bank, Tampa, FL

                                            CBS Channel 4, Jacksonville, FL

                                            Tampa Power Corporation, Tampa, FL



PRIVATE                           Nancy Rosenburg Brody, New York, NY

COLLECTIONS:                Arnold Palmer, Orlando, FL

                                            Marilyn Berk, North Palm Beach, FL

                                            Dan Tully, President, Merrill Lynch

                                            Hugh and Debbie MacArthur, Interarch, Tampa, FL

                                            Webster Hull, President, Chase Bank

                                            Carl Lindell Jr., Tampa, FL

                                            Patrick Williamson, President Columbia Pictures

                                            John Travolta, American Actor

                                            Dan Quayle, 44th Vice President  U.S.   



MEMBERSHIPS:              Museum of Women in Arts, Washington, D.C., Charter Member

                                           U.S.F. Museum of Fine Arts, Tampa, FL, Charter Member

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