Alix Stefan

    An inviting misty quality enshrouds much of Alix Stefan’s artwork.  Whether painting expansive canvas landscapes or smaller printed pieces, she imbues each composition with a distinct atmosphere; a sensuous merging of season, setting, and mood.

    Through her art, Ms. Stefan invites the viewer into a world where colors and forms seem to take on a life of their own.  “I am basically a realist; I like to take something realistic and simplify it.  I need it to invoke a feeling in me.  When that happens, I bring emotion to it and voila, you have a painting to enjoy for years to come,” she explains.  Ms. Stefan was born in Fin du Lac, Wisconsin, raised in Puerto Rico and educated in New York State and Arizona.  Being born of an artist and interacting with several cultures has resulted in her imaginative and fanciful approach to design and color.

    Alix’s style, media, and subjects vary, having been successful with oils, mono-prints, acrylics, and watercolors.  She lives and works in Scottsdale, Arizona where the enchantment of the southwest influences all her endeavors.  He work is eagerly sought and most her time is spent on commissioned pieces.


Recent exhibitions and collections include:

Art Expo New York: 1994, 1996, 1997

Art Expo Las Vegas: 1995

Art Expo Los Angeles: 1996, 1997


Exxon Corporation – Houston, Texas

Wells Fargo Bank – California and Arizona

Bank One – Phoenix, Arizona

Mayo Clinic – Minnesota and Arizona

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