Alphonse Maria Mucha

Czech Republic artist Alphonse Maria Mucha is mostly known for his famous art nouveau pieces. Mucha's works feature flowery women in light pastels, occasionally with halos around their heads.

Mucha loved drawing and art as a child. He started his career working as an illustrator for a theater company where he learned much about art. Mucha was asked to do a poster for famous Actress Sandra Bernhardt's play. The actress loved the way she portrayed him. Alphonse Maria Mucha's work became an overnight sensation in Paris.  

In his lifetime, Mucha has produced hundreds of paintings, posters, illustrations and designs. His artwork is frequently imitated. Although Alphonse Mucha was famous for his advertisement works, he felt that artwork was spiritual, and not meant for mass consumerism.  

Alphonse Maria Mucha died in 1939 after being one of the first to be arrested by the gestapo following the invasion of German troops in Czechoslovakia. Mucha died of a lung infection due to pneumonia. 

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