Ashley Marcus

    Abstract Artist Ashley Marcus has been creating soft, evocative paintings for over a decade.  The inspiration of the abstract artists from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s New York School can be detected, but Ashley’s works bring abstract art into the 90’s with a new and unique vision.

    Taking in the new York scene in the 80’s, Ashley was especially moved by the huge, looming works of the late Mark Rothko and traveled to Houston to experience the Rothko Chapel firsthand.  “I was quite shocked at first, as they all seemed black,” says Ashley, “but as you sit and meditate on them individually, you begin to see their color.”  This experience began to form the foundation for what Ashley is doing with abstract art today.  “The Rothko works helped me perceive the concept of depth, of creating diaphanous veils of color which you could look into and beyond.”

   Looking at Ashley’s artwork, you can see that this vision has been achieved.  Rich in soft, muted color, you can see “into” each piece.  Textures, linework and sometimes images within are all overlapped and partially concealed, asking for the viewer’s participation.

   Ashley doesn’t seem to be confined to any particular medium either, mixing things like oil and oil pastel, colored pencil and gold leaf.  “Indeed”, Ashley admits, “most of my works have eight to ten different types of medium involved, some standard, some not.”  When asked to explain Ashley answers, “For instance, I may mix up alkyd resin with sand and then drop in powdered pigments to achieve a certain effect in a certain zone on a piece.  I also like textured paper and gold leaf, things like that…whatever!”

   “Whatever it takes” seems to be the only rule that Ashley adheres to when working, which should only prove to produce an interesting visual journey for us to experience as abstract art moves into the next century.

   Ashley Marcus is widely collected throughout the United States and can be found in collections both corporate and private.

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