Dan Goad

     A love for the natural world carried wild life artist Dan Goad to remote areas of the globe, long before he expressed his passion with a paintbrush. As a young man, he spent four years in what he refers to as an "endless summer... searching for the perfect wave". His pursuit was more serious than the typical California surfer, taking him to three oceans. Dan spent almost two years in Bali, Indonesia. There, he and two friends lived with a tribal chief. In keeping with the island's religious tradition, the three surfers were expected to make regular offerings at a cliff four miles away. The distance was not a problem, but the cliff could only be reached through a sea cave complete with sea snakes. The island itself, a lush tropical paradise, had its own dangerous underside which included sharks, salt water crocodiles, cobras, and monitor lizards large enough to eat a deer.

     Eventually Dan tried of eating whatever he lifted from the sea and returned to his home in California. While working as a waiter and spending his spare time dabbling in watercolors, he was sought out by an art publisher who printed and marketed a poster for him. When it sold out within two weeks, he decided to make a full time commitment to his art. He has never wavered in his resolve, explaining "I am fortunate in that I do exactly what I want to do for a living." That provides a lot of satisfaction."

     Recently he took a canoe trip into a swamp off the Congaree River in South Carolina, gaining special permission to spend two weeks in search of the elusive and possible extinct ivory billed woodpecker. The trip was especially rugged due to the need for constant wild boar in the area. He has not lost his lust for adventure, but art has been his profession and passion since his return from Bali.

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