Dan Mitra

    Before coming to the U.S. from Romania, Dan Mitra worked as a graphic designer for both motion pictures and the theater. He published graphics in various magazines, and won prizes in several art competitions in Italy.

    Although he has excelled in such varied media as painting, sculpture, and drawing. Mitra first began to explore the field of etching after entering the U.S. A natural facility added   to an intense enthusiasm assured him an immediate success. His subject matter covers a wide range topics, and he approaches it always from a decorative viewpoint and creates a pleasing addition to any interior by his distinctively fine line, unflawed technique and attention to subtle detail.   

    Dan has been doing etchings for many years and has perfected his technique. Each one is unique in that they are colored by hand and no two are ever exactly the same. He built his etching press himself and is extremely detailed in his work.

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