Daniel R. Kimes

    Dan has always had a strong interest in the fine arts; his artistic and musical talents were evident at a very early age. Throughout his youth, Dan swung back and forth between these two interests. He eventually became a professional guitarist and worked as a musician for more than ten years, but never stopped working on a personal style of abstract painting. The enthusiastic reception Dans visual art received pushed his guitar to second-place although he says he now paints like a musician.

    Daniel Kimes artwork currently features abstract, abstract expressionism, and impressionistic art, yet he continues to offer new and exciting changes to his already popular style. Dan brings his unique musical talents into his artwork and says that he sees painting as the visual equivalent of the more intangible sounds of music. I see a strong correlation between the use of line and color, he says, and I see a strong correlation between combinations of colors and combinations of musical notes. Dan believes that Kandinsky made a lot of sense in relating color to instruments and the frequency range into which they fell. The quality of a drawn line can be related to the pressure with which a guitar string is struck. A soft line is like gently plucking a note---a harder pressure corresponds to a heavier line. Dan continues to play his guitar when not in his painting studio.



New York Art Expo


1994 - 2001

Atlanta Art Expo


New York Art Expo


Art Detour '92, Phoenix, Arizona
Art Asia, Hong Kong
Miami International Art Exposition
Tokyo International Art Show
New York Art Expo
Los Angeles Art Expo


Art Detour'91, Phoenix, Arizona
Tokyo Art Expo
New York Art Expo


New York Art Expo
Los Angeles Art Expo

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