David Ruhe

     David Ruhe was born in 1962 in Dayton, Ohio. He has pursued his destiny as an artist, for many years. Self taught his realistic style earned him recognition at the University of Dayton, where he was commissioned to illustrate two books for their Department of History. He also illustrated for Reynolds and Reynolds Advertising, Dayton, Ohio. This early work launched his vivid style; reality combined with imagination. When Ruhe moved to Florida, his paintings were sought after for several private and public commissions: the Griffin Gallery Mural in Matlacha, in 1992; the design of the Pine Island flag, in 1993; and a large scope mural for Mr. Vergil Brockman of Bonita Springs, 1994.

     Ruhe is inspired by his fascination with nature and enjoys painting a variety of subject matter, from meticulous scenes of distant planets and galaxies, to familiar wildlife right here on Earth. When speaking about his wildlife paintings, he says, "My aim is to portray an intrinsic moment with the animal in its natural habitat. Rarely, in today's world, are we able to view. I want to give the viewer an intimate look, and the facility to feel the softness of feathers, the fragility of eggs, or the texture of twigs. When I paint wildlife, it is important for the piece to appear tactile, have a poetic quality, and reveal to everyone the glorious colors of nature."

     Ruhe scrutinizes and interprets nature, then creates his own affecting settings. He says, "When painting landscapes I attempt to transport the viewer to an exotic spot, and to the possibility of seeing virgin territory. It is important that the lighting express the time of day, the mood, and a sense of romance."

     Ruhe won Best of Show at the Hemingway Festival, Sanibel, Florida two years in a row, 1998 and 1999, for "Summer Shower" and "Waiting". His dedication to his craft is evident in his paintings. He has succeeded in his declaration, "Hopefully this will entice the viewer to come away with me." We will be traveling many worlds through the work of David Ruhe.


  • The Griffin Gallery, Matlacha, Florida - 1990-1992
  • Watermark Books, Ft. Myers, Florida - 1999
  • Alliance of the Arts, Ft. Myers, Florida - 1995
  • West Wind Gallery, Sannibel, Florida - 1998
  • Black Orchid Gallery, Sannibel, Florida - 1998
  • Art Home Gallery, Portland, Oregon - 1999

Private Collections

  • Dr. Larry Apotheker, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  • Dr. and Mrs. Borcher, Cape Coral, Florida
  • Mr. Michael Daehn, St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Attardo, Sanibel, Florida
  • Ms. Dawn Moodie, Captiva, Florida
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Adams, Ft. Myers, Florida
  • Mr. and Mrs. Vergil Brockman, Bonita Springs, Florida
  • Dr. and Mrs. Callahan, Bonita Springs, Florida
  • Ms. Cherilyn Anderson


  • Best of Show, Hemingway Festival, Sanibel, Florida 1998 for "Summer Shower"
  • Best of Show, Hemingway Festival, Sanibel, Florida 1999 for "Waiting"
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