Detta Cutting Zimmerman

     Oil painting and drawing have always been a part of Detta Zimmerman's life since she was a child. After high school, she graduated from Omaha Commercial Art School. She worked as a commercial artist for a couple of years, and joined art clubs in Omaha. She participated in many art shows, and studied life drawing for six years with accomplished artist Hettie Marie Andrews.

     At age 34, Zimmerman decided to go back to college, and graduated with a BFA degree at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. When she moved to the Charleston area in 1983 she enrolled in several classes in Art and Art History at the College of Charleston. Meanwhile Zimmerman has been creating Pen and Ink house portrait drawings for patrons across the US.

     Recently, Zimmerman visited Europe to see the countryside, architecture, and art museums; the Louvre and Orsay will never be forgotten. She has always had a deep interest in art history and the artist's placement in the scheme of things.

     Zimmerman's oil technique is to start with a blue background, or sometimes red or yellow, depending on the final product wanted. Because of her training in drawing, she starts out on the tinted background with a drawing, to make sure perspective, proportion and composition are right.

     Zimmerman has received many awards over the years and she is impatient to see how her work will evolve in the future.

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