Dorothy Starbuck

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    Dorothy Starbuck was born and raised in Miami, Florida, where she developed a love and passion for painting the natural beauty of her beloved tropical state.  She now resides in Pt. Washington near the sand dunes and gulf beaches of the panhandle.

    Occasional workshops and art classes have enhanced Dorothy’s natural talent in painting and preserving the images of Florida’s diverse and dwindling natural features.  From the rivers and swamps to the beaches and dunes, all element are accurately portrayed.  Her representational style conveys the calmness and serenity she feels while sketching or photographing in the field.  Her powers of direct observation, pursuit of excellence and ability to capture the nuances of color, light and shadow give her oil paintings an authentic feel.She has been most influenced by artist and instructor Dave Herbert, and historical artist, Graham Ingles.

    In her frequent trips throughout Florida, she searches for remote, undisturbed areas.  “These trips to the wild provide the inspiration for my paintings and have given me many wonderful, exciting experiences.  I love being out in nature and hopefully that is reflected in my work.

    Dorothy is a member of Cultural Arts Alliance, Women’s Art Network and Emerald Coast Plein Air Painters of Walton County.  Her agent is Jim Cournoyer owner of Southern Fields Art in St. Petersburg FL.  Dorothy’s award-winning paintings have been featured in the Florida State Capitol, at the Cannon House Office Building in Washington, D. C., in the permanent collection of the U. S. Air Force and in numerous Florida Museums.

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