Elena Moross

     Russian painter Elena Moross was born in 1955 and spent her fledging years at the Academy of Art in Leningrad before immigrating to the United States in 1974. Between 1976 and 1979, she studied at CAL Arts in Valencia. Her graphic work has been displayed at the Heritage Gallery on La Cienega and has been exhibited in art expos in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

     Since immigrating, Moross' art has passed through many transformations. In her early years her creativity suffered severely from the confines of the classic tradition. But once released from that tradition, it began to ferment and to be stirred by schools of European art ranging from 17th century British classicism to the work of contemporary painters such as Hockney and Bartlett. Moross began to assimilate this eclectic assortment of styles and the, like an alchemist—searching for gold from baser metals, to absorb, to blend, to reflect—and finally to transmute them into her own unique vision.

     Moross uses color to search out an ideal harmony that is decorative in form, exuberant in color, and ingenuous in spirit. Her fascination with blue and white has led her to explore their diversified tones in depth. Some of her compositions have an elusive dreamlike quality; others evoke the commonplaces of daily living so vibrantly that these commonplaces become heightened to an almost symbolic level of meaning. In either case, there is a resonance in the reds, blues, and golds of her compositions so that sometimes, painted against white, they seem to leap from the canvas with an intensity characteristic of her own leap to artistic freedom.

     Moross' latest work evinces a moving away from the figurative into the purely visual. In these paintings, there is a preoccupation with form over content and interlacing of light, air, and shadow. Here, white glows against white and the strokes of her brush create lines which move together in a hypnotic rhythm whose total effect is to intrigue and to mesmerize.

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