Eugene Kaspin "Roman Pines" Original Hand-Pulled Silkscreen 39.5X37

    Eugene Kaspin's paintings sing with joy and freedom.

    Freedom to paint what he sees all around him-sun-drenched, bustling streets... ancient buildings... the quirks of city life... bobbing boats in a sunny harbor. Freedom to paint in his own unique style. Freedom to be who he is: a passionate artist whose eye-restlessly explores the world around him.

    Eugene knows how precious that freedom is. When he was a small boy in the town of Kovrov, near Moscow, he watched as his family discouraged his older brother Nel from pursuing an art career. When Nel left. home at 16 to become an electrical engineer, Eugene found a drawing in Nel's room that moved him,deeply, a seascape with jagged rocks, rolling water, a mysterious obelisk. Nel also left behind a collection of postcards that opened  up a new world to Eugene: paintings by Soviet, French, and Italian artists.





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