Geer, Thomas

Thomas Geer

Birth State: Michigan

University: Western Michigan University

Degree: Bachelors in Engineering and Applied Science

Special Licenses: Aircraft Mechanics License

Current Occupation: Artist

In 7th grade (just a “few” years ago), I took woodshop. This class sparked an interest that I had no idea would grow into what it is today. Having a successful career in the restoration industry, I grew tired of how people treated others when large checks were issued. I walked away from all of that to establish my name as an artist, and haven’t looked back.

My media is reclaimed barn lumber, reclaimed urban lumber, and reclaimed metals. I have made pieces from barn beams taken from log cabins built in the late 1800’s. I have also made pieces taken from local log lots (wood dumps) that were destined to be burned, and from local arborists who cut down trees in our neighborhoods. Saving these amazing pieces of lumber, and creating a useful work of art, is an honor and a privilege.

Through woodworking, blacksmithing (forging), and the use of high voltage electricity (for pyrography), I use these materials to create what I call artistic housewares. Such as bowls, platters, candle holders, lamps, shelves, stoles, tables, and small charms. All items are handmade, no two being the same.

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