Mr. Gerbert became intrigued by art in his early youth and continued to study all phases of art throughout school and college, at the same time creating most of his techniques on his own.  He has traveled extensively to many remote wilderness areas to camp and study the wildlife and plant life found there.  Working for such diverse entities as the National Forest Service and Universal Studios, Florida (as a scenic artist) has contributed to his dramatic imagery and knowledge of close up detail.

“I sometimes quietly observe birds and animals from a distance and marvel at the way they adapt so proficiently in constantly changing climates and environments.  As I contentedly watched Great Blue Herons one morning, they seemed to create almost abstract designs as their elegant shapes overlapped one another.  It was one of these images that I hoped to portray in my paintings, and if I added a trace of the tranquility of that morning, the feeling of well being in Nature’s great expanse of wonders, then my challenge has been met.”


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