Jacqueline Kamin

     Vibrant, impulsive, dynamic, energetic. Those are the words Jacqueline Kamin uses to describe her luxuriously rich impressionist landscape.

      Capturing memorable images has long been Kamin's driving passion.

     "My childhood dream was to be a famous artist", she ways. She pursued this dream from the age of six by literally drawing r painting everything in her sight.

      In fact, from the third grade she was placed in a special program for gifted art students that led her eventually to win the National Scholastic Magazine Awards and a scholarship to Washington D.C.'s Corcoran School of Art and to attend the University of Maryland. In New York, she joined the Sculpture Studio and the Art Students League.

     Though exposed to this education, Kamin says she is basically self-taught having relied on her own talent and ability to absorb knowledge from her unusual childhood playmates, the Old Masters.

     "I grew up in an area surrounded by great museums, so they became my playground as I tried to imitate great paintings and develop my own style."

     Her exuberan tsignature style evolved through extensive travel. She relished the warmth and architecture of Mexico and the colorful country charm in the South of France. She explored the East and West Coasts of America and lived for two years in the Orient. Her images currently reflect the architecture and naturaly beauty she finds around her home in Newport Beach and the verdant hills framing the nearby Laguna Beach.

     Vibrancy in color is what drives Kamin, so affected by the sky's constantly changing light as she paints in her home studio by the sea, where she moved in the mid-1980s.

     "I feel my colors spontaneously spring from the canvas to give a fresh, bright effect—art that is emotionally charged by very easy to live with."

     Because of her work's ease on the senses and her ability to work in large scale, designers have sought her out to create paintings for lobbies and other oversized spaces. Even her noncommissioned oils usually measure 36 x 48.

     Her work's size isn't nearly as important to Kamin as forging a connection with those who buy her paintings, because art to her is so personal. "It's gratifying to see how your work affects people and how they respond to you."

     To ensure her work's integrity, Kamin says she relies on her heart to guide her brush strokes, believing that in doing so, some timeless truth will always exhibit itself. And by staying in touch with her heart, she is creating the fulfillment of artistic goals.

     Jacqueline Kamin lives in Newport Beach with her husband Paul and two daughters

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