Jeremy Barlow

     Primarily an artist with a strong architectural interest, Jeremy Barlow leads the viewer on an imaginative journey, through the splendours of Venice or the inviting pavement cafes of regional France, to reveal a host of tonal curves and angles of buildings. A master of composition, he opens a different perspective upon the walls and houses of branching streets, directing the eye to further complexities of brilliant light and dark shade.

     Barlow is fascinated by sunlight and his work beautifully reflects the dramatic theatre of the colour that the sun can create. From melancholy to joy, from longing to contentment, this interplay of light and shade creates a unique landscape of emotions that beautifully reflects the scene portrayed. The stillness of his images can often belie this emotional depth and character.

     Light and dark being the two primitive elemnts of existence, Barlow's images have an intrinsic, almost universal, appeal. 

Previous exhibitions include:

R.I. Mall Galleries, London Royal Academy, Summer



  • Alam Gallery, Bristol
  • Spee Gallery, Delft, Holland
  • Cross Gate Gallery, Kentucky


  • Adam Gallery, Bath
  • Mistral Gallery, London
  • Ringstead Galleries, Norfolk


  • Mall Galleries, London
  • Mandalls Gallery, Norfolk
  • Ringstead Gallery, Norfolk


  • Parkview Gallery, Bath
  • R.A. Summer Exhibition
  • David Messeum, London


  • City Gallery, London
  • Wykeham Gallery, Stockbridge
  • Polak Gallery, London


  • Century Gallery, Datchet
  • LLewellyn Alexander Galleries, London


  • Mandells Gallery, Jersey
  • Bourne Gallery, Reigate
  • ROI Mall Galleries, London


  • Fosse Gallery, Gloucestershire
  • Albermale Gallery, London
  • Wlaker Galleries, Harrogate
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