John Kiraly

     John Kiraly's words serve as an appropriate introduction to an exciting American realaist artist whose works in any medium reveal a truly innovative vision. Kiraly has coinced the phrase "Tropical Experience" to describe one of the elements which he believes to be significant to his works. His images transport the viewer into his world of distilled realism—a place of beauty so incredible that it transcends the bounds of nature.

     John Kiraly was born in 1943 in Long Beach, New York, and was raised for a while in Northern New York State. His family moved to the Miami area where he attended high school and, upon, graduation, was the recipient of three four-year art scholarships. He accepted the scholarship from the University of Miami where he studied with John Clinkenburg and Eugene Massin. At the end of his second year of study at the University of Miami, Kiraly embarked on a trip around the world, during which time he continued to develop his art. His travels took him to Mexico, Peru, Greece, Switzerland, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Chile, and Holland. He → settled in the Bahamas where he opened an art gallery with a fellow painter, Brent Malone.

     In 1973 he decided to devote all of his time to his own art and returned to South Florida. He was attracted by the history and the picturesque qualities of the Florida Keys. The conch houses in their lush tropical settings continue to be an inspiration to him as he transforms them into visions of exquisitely detailed mansions.

     Since returning to Florida, he has had exhibits in highly respected galleries and his works have been collected by such well-known personalities as Julio Iglesias and Leonard Bernstein. In 1983 his work has chosen from among 1100 works submitted nationally to be exhibited in the prestigious Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach, Florida. Dr. Henry Hopkins, Director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, selected Kiraly's works to be among the 80 works exhibited that year. In 1984 Kiraly's work was again chosen to be exhibited in the Society of the Four Arts. Dr. Thomas Armstrong, Director of Whitney Museum of American Art, made the selections at that time.

     He presented his first one-man exhibition when he was twenty-one. Since that time he has had more than twenty one-man shows, and his last nine one-man shows have been sold out on opening night ∨ before. His works have been exhibited in London, Montreal, Toronto, Beverly Hills, Nassau, Toledo, Key West, Palm Beach, and Palm Springs.

     John Kiraly is a professional in the best sense of the word—well-trained, talented, dedicated, and mature. It is extraordinary to find a talent as refined and, at the same time as versatile as that of Kiraly's. North Beach Fine Arts, which has been a principal dealer of John Kiraly's limited edition prints for many years, is proud to offer newly published editions of Mr. Kiraly's serigraphs. It is a great privilege to present what we believe are today's treasures and tomorrow's masterpieces

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