Joyce Lazarra

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    Joyce Lazzara is one of the Tampa Bay's best-known artists. She currently works in oils, but has used a variety of medium during her career as an artist. Her subject matter ranges from floral, tropical, landscapes, still lives, and portraiture. Her use of vibrant colors and exquisite detail earmark her very popular style. Lazzara's printmaking abilities have added to her reputation as a master craftsperson. As a consummate student of line, color, design, and value, her knowledge and love of painting have always distinguished her work. Lazzara's work embodies an honest, uncompromising quality that demonstrates the discipline and energy she invests in all that she creates. She is also available for commissioned work and enjoys this opportunity to work more closely with the clients.

    Joyce Lazzara was born in Tampa, Florida where she  now lives with her husband. She is the mother of two sons, both artistically inclined. She works out of her Tampa studio and a studio on Anna Maria Island.

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