Len Abbott

Leonard Abbott was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and grew up surrounded by a family of accomplished artists. From the beginning of his own artistic pursuits, Leonard considered himself a distinctly Southern artist, drawing upon the self-taught, spontaneous spirit of those around him.
    During high school, Leonard began to focus more and more on his artistic pursuits. In his third year, he discovered Abstract Expressionism, with which he felt an immediate connection. He especially admires the mixture of contrasting elements at the heart of Abstract Expressionism: the freeness of the brushstroke, and the rigorous attention to detail.
Following his graduation from High School, Leonard set out across the United States, seeking inspiration from the myriad cultures and facets of the country. Leonard was especially impressed by Yellowstone Forest and the Painted Desert. He feels that the experience was importantly humbling, as he observed the perfect artwork that effortlessly takes place in nature every day.
    Upon his return to Atlanta one year later, Leonard attended the Atlanta College of Art, where he truly began to focus solely on the medium of paint. Realizing that he would soon require a deeper reservoir of professors, Leonard transferred to the University of Georgia in Athens, where he had the distinct opportunity of working with world-renowned painter, Jim Herbert. Two years later, Leonard received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He is currently working toward his Master of Fine Arts Degree.
    Leonard‘s art has been featured and awarded in several juried exhibitions such as OCAF, the Lyndon House, and Gold Star. His work has been collected across the United States.
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