Ludmila Koydan

     Ludmilka Koydan was born in the Ukrainian republic of the U.S.S.R., on March 10, 1954. Her parents enrolled her in the special Art School for Youths early in life. She was surrounded by paintings, watercolors, canvas, and pencils during most of her childhood and has indulged herself in a life surrounded by the scent of fresh oil paint. She was admitted to the National Art Academy in 1972, and continued her art education for the next 6 years.

     Koydan made several personal exhibitions as a student and her works were printed in Moscow and Kiev Art catalogs. She created hundreds of social and commercial posters. Koydan is also a renowned as a book designer. Many publishers request her creative services as a design specialist and illustrator.

     Koydan is now teaching drawing and composition in Russia. She considers her work an important part of her life as she draws insight from her students. She says: "I am not just teacher, I am  a pupil. My students have given me more than I could have possibly imagined. I see the world through their young eyes and this world is more refreshing than can be seen around us." 

     As a retreat from her daily activities, Koydan takes long walks through the forest and fields near her village. Her inspirations are displayed in her landscapes. Expressions of sunlight softness in early morning and the colors of wild flowers in her paintings, reflect her mental images. She likes the nature of her homeland with all of the seasonal changes. Koydan is especially fascinated by the noble innocence of flowers, which she believes are the incarnation of all eternity.

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