Manny Duffy

Born: 1945


  • Harrow College of Art - 1971
  • Norwich School of Fine Art - 1973
  • Appointed Illustrator for the Education Design Group - 1977

Set up her own studio where she paints and produces silkscreens, as well as doing commissions for book illustrations.

     Manny Duffy's work has over the last decasde drawn great acclaim from Art Galleries. Her particular style has attracted collectors from all over the world and she has exhibited widely throughout Europe, the U.S.A., and Japan.

     Her interest in forms of impressionism has been a constant theme throughout her life. Her preoccupation with light and the effect that it has on colour has becoem more pronounced as her career advanced. Her work has been likened by art critics to a modern form of post impressionism.

     Becuase of her interest in light, she has to spend much time in Mediterranean Countries where she paints most of her subjects. The strong light produces the interested colours and effects that she strives to portray in her works.

     Although Manny Duffy produces landscape works, she is mainly known as a portraryer of flowers and the female form, even her landscapes are centered aroudn a figure or a group of figures.

     Her studio is either for painting or silkscreens. She makes the separations of each colour for the silkscreens herself. Most of her images are comprised of 35 to 45 colours which gives the images of their blaze of colour. In her studio, she also teachers her techniques of silkscreening to student printmakers who coem to her studio from all over England. 


  • L'Affiehe Gallery, France - 1980
  • L'Angle Aigu, Belgium - 1980
  • Hull Print, Bieunale - 1982
  • Owens Gallery, Switzerland - 1982
  • Basle Art Fair - 1982
  • Deux Tetes Gallery, Canada - 1983
  • Harris Gallery, U.S.A. - 1983
  • Strangeways, London - 1983
  • Ljubliane, Bieunale - 1984
  • Basle Art Fair - 1984
  • Art Expo, New York - 1984
  • Chicago Art Expo - 1984
  • Grafiks, Switzerland - 1986
  • Florida Print, Bieunale - 1984
  • Ltd. Editions Gallery - 1986
  • Grafiks, Switzerland - 1987
  • Apostille Gallery, France - 1987
  • Acro Madrid - 1987
  • British Printmakers - 1987
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