Marsha Hammel Originals

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Troubadour with Chick Magnet 36x24

Women of the Calabash 30x40 / 72x60 

White Lilies 30x24 / 72x60

Trailride 60x52 / 72x60

Reflections 28x22

Trio 36x24 / 72x60

the Secret Place 48x48 / 72x60

The Cherry Violin

The Apple Banjo

The Pineapple Cello

Seawall 40x32

Sarah Reading 42x40

Rock 'n' Roll Overcoat 70x48

Rehearsal 60x60

Regina 36x24

Red Lilies 42x40

Red Flannels 16x12

Red Beret 10x8

PensiveDuplicate 36x24

Ojos Azule 10x8

Nude in the Studio 28x22

 Nefertiti's Daughter 24x18

 Miles 40x30

 Lola Jane in Stripe Shirt 16x20

 Let's Twist Again 30x24 

 Late Nite Jazz 36x24 / 72x60 

Guitar 14x12 

 Four Part Harmony 36x48


 Fever 72x60

 D'Jango 36x36

 Dark Jaguar 36x60 on Panel

 DaLisa 30x24

 Crystal's Violin 40x60

 Bodies 60x48

 Blue Drummer Girl

 Ain't Misbehavin' 30x40

 Bass and Drums 36x24

 Aphrodite 7x5 Framed

 Billie 40x30

 Beth 36x40

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