As early as I can remember, I have had an interest in the arts.  I began my formal education by studying architecture and working as a draftsman in the military.  In the early 1990’s I began to focus on the Fine Arts.  I attended the University of South Florida, where in 1995 I earned a Bachelor of fine Arts degree.  While attending U.S.F., I had the great opportunity to work with many talented artists and participate in several group and solo exhibitions.

    In the beginning of my artistic career I primarily painted non-representational abstract pieces.  Two prominent abstract artists that have remained inspirations to me in my art are Agnes Martin and Mark Rothko.  Even though abstract imagery is always present in my art, I have now expanded into more figurative works.  

    Often referred to as a “Colorist”, I have essentially focused on the effects of color in my art.  I have a love for simple, dramatic, rich colored images.  The inspiration for my current paintings is color and the emotional qualities that it can evoke.  It is  h hope that each piece conveys a distinct mood.

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